Jagz Big Breakfast

Crispy bacon with eggs any style, sausages, hash brown, mushrooms, grilled tomatoes and Jagz toast (21.90) (gf/df/v)

Jagz Little Breakfast

Crispy bacon, eggs done anyway, hash brown, Jagz toast (17.90) (gf/df/v)

Jagz Eggs Benedict

Poached free-range eggs served on a classic English Muffin with spinach and hollandaise sauce (18.90) add bacon, smoked salmon or mushroom (21.90) (gf/v)

Avocado Stack

 Avocado on rye toast and relish, baby spinach, cherry tomatoes finished with balsamic glaze, herbs and feta cheese (17.90) add poached eggs, salmon or bacon (21.90) (gf/df/v)


 Free range 3 egg omelette, served with your choice three fillings; tomato, ham, onion, mushroom, salmon, spinach or cheese, served with Jagz toast (17.90) (gf/df/v)


Your choice of either bacon, mushroom or salmon with rocket, tomato, finished with hollandaise sauce (13.50) add a poached egg or avocado (16.50) (v)

Wicked Waffles

Homemade waffles served with banana, cinnamon and maple syrup finished with either fresh cream or sweetened greek  yoghurt (16.90) add bacon or berries (19.90) (v)


A selection of roasted nuts, dried fruits and oats with sweetened greek yoghurt and fresh berry compote
(14.90) (gf/df/v)  soy and almond milk available

Fruit Toast

 Served with fresh selection of preserves (9.90) add gruyere cheese (12.90) (v)


 peach, banana, summer berry, juicy mango, tropical, lemon&lime, feijoa&apple  (6.90)

Kids Wicked Waffles

banana, cinnamon, maple syrup, cream (or sweetened greek yoghurt) (9.90) (v)

Kids Jagz Breakfast

 bacon or sausage, one egg, hash brown,  baked beans (9.90) (v/gf/df)

OR Build your own from our Extras (all 3):


breakfast sausages



2 eggs (any style)


baked beans

hash brown

v = vegetarian, gf = gluten free,  df = dairy free

Jagz Cobb Loaf

Served warm with herb garlic butter (10.90) or add hummus, dukkah, balsamic/olive oil (14.90) (gf/df)

Seafood Chowder

Jagz creamy homemade chowder served with toasted bread and garlic butter  (Reg 18. 90; Lg 22.90)

Jagz Little Breakfast

Crispy bacon, eggs any style, hash brown, Jagz toast (17.90) (gf/df/v)

Avocado Stack

Avocado on Rye toast, baby spinach, cherry tomatoes finished with balsamic glaze, herbs and feta cheese (17.90) add poached eggs, salmon or bacon (21.90) (gf/v/df)

Jagz Chicken

Jagz special recipe, lightly crumbed chicken served with slaw, wedges, sour cream and chilli sauce (25.90)

Kumara Bacon Salad 

Grilled bacon tossed with roast kumara, salad greens, pumpkin seeds and cashew nuts finished with aioli (24.90) add chicken (27.90) (v/gf/df)


Jagz specialty – creamy chicken, Spanish onion, red pepper and a hint of sweet chilli, wrapped in fresh pasta with summer salad and aioli (23.90) add fries (26.90)

Blue Cod

Lightly seasoned with flour, pan-fried, topped with fresh tomato and capsicum salsa and served on gourmet potatoes (or fries) and a fresh garden salad, lemon and homemade tartare sauce (p.o.a) (gf/df)


Tender Sweetbreads in a light panko herb crumb with fries (or gourmet potatoes), summer slaw and sweet plum dipping sauce (25.90) (df)

Jagz Big Burger

 Prime Beef Burger with lettuce, swiss cheese, beetroot relish, fresh tomato and creamy aioli on a toasted brioche bun, topped with beer battered onion rings and served with cross-cut trax (25.90) (gf/df)

Asian Beef Salad

Tender beef strips pan-fried, tossed through an Asian green salad and dressed in chilli, ginger, sesame seed dressing (gf/df/v) 23.90

Lamb Naan

Seared slices of lamb rump on cous cous,  finished with pine nuts, fresh rocket,  sweet cherry tomatoes with tzatziki dressing, resting on naan bread (20.90) (df/v)

Pasta of the Day

Check with waitress  (p.o.a) (gf/v)

Chef Choice of the Day



extra sauce (1.00)

panko crumbed sweetbreads (7.90)

battered onion rings with aioli (6.90)

steakhouse fries tomato sauce (7.00)

kumara or seasoned wedges with sour cream or aioli (9.90)

summer slaw (5.90)

  fresh garden salad with vinagrette dressing (5.90)


v = vegetarian, gf = gluten free,  df = dairy free



Seafood Chowder

Jagz own recipe of seafood in a thick creamy chowder, served with toasted bread
and garlic butter (18.90)


Soup of the Day

Our Chef’s creation served with toast bread (14.90)


Antipasto Platter

Selection of meats, pickles, salmon, spreads, olives, cheeses, toasted breads (gf/df) (37.90)


Baked Stuffed Mushrooms

Portobello mushrooms filled with cream cheese, spanish onion, roasted pine nuts, herbs and sundried tomato finished with relish (g/f) (14.90)



Tender sweetbreads in light panko herb crumb with lemon aioli dipping sauce (14.90)


Camembert Cheese

Lightly fried camembert cheese with an apricot dipping sauce (14.90)


Light Meals


Salt and Pepper Squid

Crispy salt and pepper squid with petit salad and Thai dressing (19.90)


Vegetarian Filo

Ricotta cheese, roasted vegetables, bell peppers, spanish onion (gf) (21.90)


Spanish Pasta

Chicken, spanish onion and roast pumpkin tossed with fresh fettucine pasta, finished with a sweet chili cream sauce and parmesan cheese (23.90)


Jagz' Fried Chicken

Jagz Fried Chicken with creamy mash, gravy and Jagz slaw (gf/df) (29.90)


Raspberry and Port Venison Salad (warm)

Medium/Rare sautéed venison pieces with mushrooms, smoky bacon, julienne vegetables tossed through salad greens with a raspberry and Port sauce (gf/df) (29.90)


Kumara Bacon Salad

Grilled bacon tossed with roast Kumara, salad greens, pumpkin seeds and cashew nuts finished with aioli (24.90) or add chicken (gf/df) (27.90)


gluten free (gf) dairy free (df)

Main Meals


Stewart Island Blue Cod

Lightly Seasoned with flour, pan-fried, topped with fresh tomato and capsicum salsa, served with minted gourmet potatoes, fresh garden salad and citrus hollandaise sauce (gf/df) 36.90


New Orleans Salmon and Prawns

Pan seared local salmon topped with sautéed prawns in a Cajun sauce, finished with seasonal greens and resting on a grilled potato nest (gf/df) 37.90


Southland Prime Ribeye Steak

250G Prime Hereford Ribeye, cooked to your liking served with fondant potatoes, beetroot confit, roasted portabella mushroom and the chef’s own jus (gf/df) 37.90 add prawns 5.00


The Windsor Pork Belly

Twice cooked pork belly served on medley of roast vegetables, garlic green beans
and roasted apple & cider sauce (gf) 30.90


Creamy Pesto Chicken Breast

Tender Chicken breast wrapped in Smokey bacon resting on a potato and thyme rosti stack finished with seasonal vegetables and creamy pesto sauce (Chef’s Own Recipe) (gf/df) 31.90


Moroccan Lamb Tagine

Melt in the mouth Lamb, slowly cooked in a blend of Moroccan aromatic spices, tomatoes, garlic, chick peas and apricots finished with fragrant rice, grilled pitta bread (gf/df) 29.90


Trust the Chef

Today’s Chefs Creation P O A



Seasoned Wedges

Chunky Fries

Garden Salad

Seasonal Vegetables




gluten free (gf) dairy free (df)

Place your first order and receive %10 discount

club sandwiches (3.00p/h)

savouries (3.00p/h)

 pinwheels (3.00 p/h)

mousetraps (4.00 p/h)

croissants (pineapple/ham/cheese) (3.50 p/h)

lamb koftas w tzatziki (4.00p/h)

corn fritters with salsa and bacon (4.00p/h)

Crumbed Risotto balls (3.50p/h)

Filo Pastries (3.50)

Fruit Platters (3.50 p/h) (price may vary)

Baking Platters (3.50 p/h)

Gluten Free options available on request.

Phone: 21 70066/ 34 Windsor Street, Invercargill


Toffee Apple Crumble

Sticky Date

Homemade sticky date pudding served with warmed butterscotch sauce and finished with vanilla ice cream and cream (14.00)


Chocolate Brownie

Homemade rich chocolate brownie served with hot fudge sauce finished with berry compote and boysenberry ice cream (14.00)


Lemon Drizzle Cake 

Homemade lemon cake with succulent drizzle and light (gf/df) (14.00)


Eton Mess (gf)


Ice Cream Sundae (berry, caramel, chocolate)
(g/f) (14.00)


The Chef Creation of the day


gluten free (gf) dairy free (df)